Is a Broken Garbage Disposal Grinding Your Gears?

Is a Broken Garbage Disposal Grinding Your Gears?

We offer garbage disposal repair in Delta, CO

Garbage disposals make cooking and cleanup much more convenient, but a broken garbage disposal can become a frustrating and smelly situation. If you have a broken garbage disposal, turn to PQ Plumbing & Heating, LLC for plumbing repair.

Garbage disposals can be dangerous, so don't try to fix the problem by yourself. Schedule garbage disposal repair with a plumbing expert in Delta, CO now.

What causes garbage disposal problems?

Many garbage disposal problems are mechanical failures, but there are also human errors that can cause a garbage disposal to break. You should avoid putting the following in your garbage disposal:

Grease. No matter what you may hear, it's never a good idea to put grease down the drain- even while running hot water.
Eggshells. Eggshells can clog your drain and wear down mechanical components of your garbage disposal.
Coffee grounds. Don't use coffee grounds to freshen up your garbage disposal. There are products made specifically to reduce odor that won't clog your drain.

No matter what caused your garbage disposal to break, our plumbing repair team can fix it. Contact us today to get garbage disposal repair in Delta, CO.